AnglerIndustries WAY LUBRICANTS 15, 32, 68, 150, 220, and 100
Combination Machine Tool Slideway and Hydraulic Oils

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DESCRIPTION: WAY LUBRICANTS are light brown colored oils primarily designed to assure the thin, tenacious and uniform oil film required to so lubricate machine tool slideways that table motion always will be ultra-smooth. These Oils eliminate the "stick-slip" tendency of heavily loaded tables sliding on ways at slow speeds or upon machine start-up, even after long periods of machine shutdown. the excellence of the lubricating film these oils provide is the result of compounding premium paraffin base oils with friction modifiers, extreme pressure additives and a mild tackiness agent. WAY LUBRICANTS are non-corrosive. They also are fortified with rust and oxidation inhibitors so that they meet the hydraulic fluid requirements imposed upon them by certain designs.
WAY LUBRICANTS are recommended to fulfill these requirements:
                             American Society of                       Cincinnati Milacron
                             Lubrication Engineers-                        Specification
                                   Identifying No.
Way Lubricant 32       W-150                               P-53 Combination Hydraulic
                                                                                             and Way Oil
Way Lubricant 68       W-315                              P-47 Heavy-Medium Way Oil
Way Lubricant 220    W-1000                            P-50 Heavy Way Oil

                                                  32                     68                      220
Gravity, API @ 60 F             31.0                  29.7                    25.4
Density, lb/gal                      7.25                  7.31                     7.51
Viscosity, SUS @100°F       158                  310                     990
Color, ASTM                          4.0                    4.5                        6+
Viscosity Index                      98.0                 96.0                    95.0
Flash Point, F                        410                   420                     460
Pour Point, F                           0                        0                        10