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R-65 is an inhibited acidic granular, non-dusting, product for application in an Oblique Open End Barrel for: cleaning, rust and heat scale removal from ferrous metals, without causing excessive attack to the metal. The R-65 solution will leave the metal smut free and bright and greatly reduces hydrogen embrittlement of the ferrous metal.
R-65 may also find application as an acidic cleaner in an Oblique Open End Barrel for non-ferrous metals (aluminum, copper, brass alloys) in removal of light oils, oxides and tarnish prior to subsequent operations. R-65 may be used to impart a fine etch on aluminum prior to anodizing on painting.

Operating Parameters:
Concentration: ........1-8 oz/gallon of water
Temperature:.......... Hot water @ 120-150°F
Time: ........................Run 2-20 minutes
Equipment: .............Open tumbling barrels are acceptable

Caution: R-65 is an acidic product. Avoid skin, eye, and oral contact. Wear protective clothing, goggles and gloves when handling the product. If exposed, immediately flush thoroughly with clean cold water. For eye exposure, flush with clean cold water for 15 minutes and immediately contact a doctor. In case of any skin or oral injury contact a doctor

Waste Disposal: In order to be completely informed on the latest regulations that apply to your area, regarding this product, contact the appropriate environmental agency.