R 60 A
Acidic Etch Cleaner For Aluminum

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R-60A is an acidic granular, non-dusting, white powder for application in an Oblique Open End Barrel as the product for cleaning non-ferrous metals such as: aluminum, copper, brass and bronze. R-60A besides cleaning the metals, it will remove oxides and tarnishes, corrosion products and smuts from the copper and brass alloys. The copper and brass alloys will then be restored to a bright finish. R-60A can be used to impart a fine etch on the aluminum surface, in preparation for anodizing or painting.

Operating Parameters:
Concentration: ......1-4 oz/gallon of water
Temperature:........ Hot water @ 150°F
Time: ......................Run 2-10 minutes
Equipment:........... Open tumbling barrels are acceptable

Caution: R-60A is an acidic product. Avoid skin, eye, and oral contact. Wear protective clothing, goggles and gloves when handling the product. If exposed, immediately flush thoroughly with clean cold water. For eye exposure, flush with clean cold water for 15 minutes and immediately contact a doctor. In case of any skin or oral injury contact a doctor.

Waste Disposal: In order to be completely informed on the latest regulations that apply to your area, regarding this product, contact the appropriate environmental agency.