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Liquid Spray Cleaner

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POWERCLEAN 1422 is a low viscosity liquid general purpose, phosphate -free, alkaline, spray cleaner. It will remove heavy soil deposits quickly and completely. POWERCLEAN 1422 was formulated specifically for removing processing soils from aluminum and its alloys, but may also be used on tin plate, galvanized, copper, cast iron, steel, stainless steel, nickel, brass and ferrous metals. It is free rinsing and will produce a water break free surface. Concentrated allowing use at low concentrations, controlled foam and excellent cleaning.

Concentration: 1 to 8% (vol.)
Temperature: 110°F - 160°F
Time: As required
Equipment: Mild steel equipment is acceptable.

Caution: POWERCLEAN 1422 is an alkaline product. Avoid skin, eye and oral contact. Wear protective clothing, goggles and gloves. If exposed, flush thoroughly with clean cold water. In case of injury please contact a physician. Always consult the MSDS.
Waste Disposal: In order to be completely informed on the latest disposal regulations in your area, please contact your local authorities.