AnglerIndustries MIRAGE EZ-607
Spray Cleaner or Agitated Immersion Cleaner

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MIRAGE EZ-607 is a liquid alkaline product that may serve either as a spray cleaner or agitated immersion cleaner. MIRAGE EZ-607 does not contain: chelators, caustic soda, glycol ethers or solvents. MIRAGE EZ-607 will clean a variety of machining and forming lubricants, because of its’ balanced alkaline and surfactant system.

MIRAGE EZ-607 is a low foaming product that may be inserted into all types of sprays cleaning machines. MIRAGE EZ-607 would also be the suggested product for strip lines – especially lines that process copper and copper alloys for electroplating.
Conc.: 1 to 6% (Vol.)
Operating Temp.: 110-180°F
Spray Time: 10 to 180 seconds
Note: Spray times in strip lines usually range from 10 to 15 seconds.

OPERATING PARAMETERS – Agitated Immersion Cleaning
Because of its low foaming characteristics MIRAGE EZ-607 would be the selected product where the cleaning solution must be agitated to achieve rapid cleaning. MIRAGE EZ-607 solutions may be agitated by air or mechanical means without excessive foaming.
Conc.: 3 to 10% (Vol.)
Operating Temp.: 130-180°F
Immersion Time: as required
Ventilation: suggested
Equipment: mild steel tanks and heating coils.

CAUTION: MIRAGE EZ-607 is an alkaline product. Avoid skin, eye and oral contact. Wear protective clothing, goggles and gloves when handling the product. If exposed, flush thoroughly with clean cold water. In case of injury please contact a physician.
In order to be completely informed on the latest regulations please contact your local authorities.