Alkaline Etch Cleaner For Aluminum

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HOP TO 6NA is a powdered highly alkaline product, developed for chemically deburring aluminum parts in an open oblique barrel. HOP TO 6NA will product a microscopic etch on the aluminum while cleaning and deburring the parts. In most cases this maybe accomplished without forming a smut. HOP TO 6NA has been formulated to keep caking the walls of barrel and tank (soak).

Operating Parameters:
Concentrations: ...........4-8 oz/gallon *
Temperature: ...............130°F - 160°F
Immersion Time:.......... As required for clean and deburr
Equipment:................... Open tumbling barrel or mild steel tank and heating coils.
Solution Makeup: .........slowly add the HOP TO 6NA to the hot water. Wear goggles/face                                           shield when adding the HOP TO 6NA.
*Concentration/operating temperature will be dependent upon the burr thickness. It is suggested to operate at the high concentration and at the lower temperature for better control.

Caution: HOP TO 6NA is a highly alkaline, caustic bearing product. Avoid skin, eye and oral contact. Wear protective clothing, goggles/face shield, and gloves when handling the product. If exposed, immediately flush thoroughly with clean cold water. Flush eye exposure with cold water for 15 minutes and also immediately contact a doctor. In case of any skin injury or oral contact, consult a doctor.

Waste Disposal: In order to be completely in formed on the latest regulations that apply to your area, regarding this product, contact the appropriate environmental agency.