Mild Extreme Pressure Gear Oils

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Angler EP Gear Lubricants 68, 150, 220, 320 and 460 are dark brown, viscous lubricating oils which have been compounded for extra-oiliness, mild extreme pressure and antiwear qualities. These qualities insure that a lubricating film will be retained even under the severe wiping action imposed by worm and hypoid gears. in addition, these oils are fortified to protect against both rust and oxidation. They also exhibit good demulsibility (ready separation from water). Because oils within gear boxes are subjected to a great deal of turbulence, each of these oils have been inhibited against foaming. Angler EP Gear Lubricants are non-corrosive, hence non-staining, and exhibit excellent compatibility with bimetals such as those found in worm gears.

                                          ISO Vis.                             SAE Gear Oil Vis                        AGMA
                                           Grade                                 Classification                     Lubricant No.
EP Gear Lubricant 68          68                                                                                       2EP
EP Gear Lubricant 150      150                                          75 W                                   4EP
EP Gear Lubricant 220      220                                          90                                        5EP
EP Gear Lubricant 320      320                                       -------                                      6EP
EP Gear Lubricant 460      460                                         140                                      7EP
EP Gear Lubricant 680      680                                         250                        8A Compounded

Angler EP Gear Lubricants meet the lubrication needs of heavily loaded gears and bearings. The lighter grades, EP Gear Lubricant 75 and 90 are frequently used for the bearings of large machinery where the lubricant is supplied from a central force feed system. These also are modern lubricants for use in worm gear reduction units, exceeding the performance of fatty compounded steam cylinder oils.