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Angler's EP-12 is an electropolishing concentrate used to produce bright microfinishes and to electro deburr copper and copper alloys. Can be used on flow thru process as well as still tank application. Use as received. Temperature of 80-100°F at 5-12 volts. Normal process time 30 sec - 10 minutes. Tank: Cynar, carbon brick, acid brick, lead or rubber lined steel. Anode material 347 stainless steel is self-cleaning allowing for full flow of current. It is recommended to use an air knife to blow back residual solution and minimize carry out.

Procedure For Use Of Angler EP-1:
#1 EP-1 is used as received--Do Not Dilute.
#2 For continuous strip deburring and polishing use a flow thru or weir system with a stock holding tank and pump to maintain a constant solution level in the weir tank or processing cell.
#2A Special Notice
The cell unit should be of a size not greater than 12 to 15 inches inside dimension. This will control the resistance build up that will cause poor finishing results because the product will heat up and sometimes burn off if greater lengths are exposed to the solution. It is best to use multiple units if necessary to produce required results.
#3 Use #347 Stainless as the cathode as it tends to be self-cleaning.
#4 Maintain bath temperature between room temperature to under 100°F.
#5 EP-1 will operate best at 9 volts and let the amperage find its level. At times it will draw as much as 1500 amps per square foot.
#6 Be sure good contact is maintained as pulsating will reduce the performance of the bath.
#7 Rinse thoroughly, using an air knife to reduce carryover.
#8 Rinse and repeat as required.
#9 Proceed to activator                Hydrochloric acid
    10% to 50% of any solution     Sulfuric acid
     is usually acceptable.              Fluroboric acid
#10 Rinse - Rinse

Waste Disposal In order to be completely informed on the latest disposal regulations in your area, please contact your local authorities.