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ANGLER CRETE B GONE is a newly developed product from the research laboratory to accomplish tasks that before hand have been handled with aggressive acids such as Muriatic and Hydrochloric Acid. Those materials are particularly hazardous to the individuals and also to the environment. From our Laboratories and derived from biodegradable materials made from sugar cane has come the ANGLER CRETE B GONE. It is effective in removing excess concrete build-ups on forms and other shapes where concrete has been used as construction material.

It is a clear fluid, having sufficient quantities of wetting agents to allow it to penetrate the surface of the concrete to be dissolved. The product is formulated from mild organic acids that are derived from sugar cane and citrus products. It is to be used as is. Cement removal is effective and can be applied by spray, brush or roller and the effectiveness can be determined by the concrete sizzling and bubbling up upon application.

While the acids in the product are derived from naturally occurring materials it would still be advisable to wear protective clothing, either goggles and/or gloves, in the application of the material to avoid irritation of the skin.

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