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Cool Lube 928 is a straight oil recommended for forming and machining both ferrous and non- ferrous metals. It is free of chlorine and sulfur and does not contain any metal. It is 100% biodegradable according to the CEC L- 33 T- 82 test method.

Cool Lube 928 has been specifically developed to be used through mist applicator systems. It is particularly recommended for stamping, sawing, cutting, tapping, drilling, and milling operations on all metals.

• Extended tool and die life
• Improved surface finishes
• Excellent lubricity and film strength
• Reduction of friction heat
• Very good wet ability and heat dissipation
• Chlorine- free, sulfur- free, metal- free
• Ease of application and removal
• 100% biodegradable
Appearance                                          Clear Yellow Liquid
Density @ 60 degrees F, lbs./ gal.        7.64 lbs./ gal.
Specific Gravity @ 60/ 60 degrees F    0.917
Viscosity @ 100 degrees F, SUS          180
Viscosity @ 40 degrees F, cSt              35.0
Chlorine content, % wt.                         nil
Sulfur content, % wt.                             nil
Saponification value, mg KOH/g           190
Free fatty acids, %                                0.1 max
Flash Point, degrees F                         580
Pour Point, degrees F                          10