AnglerIndustries CHEMPOL 104
Brilliant Finishes For Aluminum

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CHEMPOL 104 is a syrupy, green liquid with a sweet odor. It is an excellent soil remover from aluminum parts. It can remove drawing oils and leave a clean and bright polished aluminum surface. It will leave a slick film for subsequent parts feeding operations.
CHEMPOL 104 can also remove oxides from brass and copper parts. In aluminum processing it can be used in a soak tank application or in a barrel rolling method. Both applications yield brilliantly bright aluminum surfaces.

Operating Conditions:
Concentration:         2-6 oz/gallon
Temperature:          120°F - 140°F
Time:                       2-10 minutes
Equipment: Stainless or coated processing equipment

Waste Disposal: In order to be completely informed on the latest disposal regulations in your area, please contact your local authorities.