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BioVis 15 is a high performance vegetable oil formula engineered to be used in place of the mineral based hydraulic fluids in environmentally sensitive areas.
BioVis 15 conforms to MIL- PRK- 32073 hydraulic fluid Grade 1. It provides the needed characteristics of anti wear, anti foam, anti rust, anti oxidation, and demulsibility as well as seal swell.
BioVis 15 is inhibited against moisture and prevents rusting in fresh and sea- water applications.
It is used as a hydraulic fluid and lubricant where low toxicity, high flash point and biodegradability are desired. The high lubricity value of BioVis 15 helps reduce friction and wear thereby reducing maintenance and down time as well as less energy consumption.

To convert a system simply drain and recharge to achieve biodegradability most all of the mineral oil should be removed. Flushing is not required. Change any filters. Fluid should be analyzed over time to determine the optimum change interval. BioVis 15 is designed to be compatible with most common seal materials.

BioVis 15 is non- toxic, environmentally friendly, and made from renewable resources. Thank you for doing your part for the enviroment.