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Biodegradable Water Soluble Drawing Oil

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Biodegradable Water Soluble Drawing Oil light gauge copper brass

BioDraw EVO is a straw colored oil which mixes easily when added to water to form stable, milk white emulsions. Because of its total freedom from reactive material, it has a non-ionic emulsifier system. It may be used with all metals without fear of staining. The fatty components of BioDraw EVO provided good metal wetting and extra oiliness to coolant mixes. It is inhibited to give interim rust protection to work pieces.

BioDraw EVO finds primary use in stamping and drawing light gauge copper and brasses.

• Prolonged tool life
• Excellent lubricity and friction control
• Very good wetting and cooling properties
• Non-staining, non-reactive
• Superior work piece finishes

Density, lbs/gal                                7.684
Specific Gravity API @ 60˚F          21.8
Color, ASTM                                     2 1/2
Viscosity SUS @ 100˚F                  151
Chlorine, % wt.                                 nil
Sulfur, % wt.                                      nil
Fats, % wt.                                         95
Emulsion Stability                            Pass (slight cream cuff)
PHvalue-5% concentration           7.4
Flash Point, (COC) ˚F                     330
Copper Strip Corrosion                 1a
Cast Iron Chip Rust, 5% conc.     pass