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Angler 120F Cleaner is an organic solvent product which may be mixed with water to form a low temperature emulsion cleaner. Angler 120F Cleaner is a blend of high quality solvent and surfactants. Angler 120F Cleaner was developed to remove metal fabrication oils, buffing chemistry deposits, drawing residue and grease type soils from the following metals: ferrous metals, zinc die castings, brass alloys, aluminum alloys, copper and lead alloys. Angler 120F Cleaner, when mixed with water, can yield two types of emulsions - an invert (milky-white) or a two-phase type. The invert can be made by mixing Angler 120F Cleaner with warm water (110° - 130°F). The two-phase type is made by mixing Angler 120F Cleaner with cold water.
NOTE: The exception to the above rule is when a 50/50 solution of Angler 120F Cleaner with cold water is made, in this case a milky-white very fluid emulsion is formed. Usually the invert emulsion is slightly viscous.
Advantages of Angler 120F cleaner:
1. Low temperature emulsion cleaner - energy saving.
2. Exceptional penetrating and cleaning action.
3. Non-corrosive to metals. Particularly desirable for pre-cleaning zinc base die castings, aluminum, lead and other metals easily stained by alkaline cleaners.
4. Stable - stores indefinitely without decomposition.
5. May be used as a concentrate or a 5 to 50% emulsion
6. Forms an emulsion film instantaneously on contact with water.
7. Free rinsing - leaves work surface clean and free of gummy, sticky residues.
8. Contains no phenolic or chlorinated solvent.
9. Simple to use - just immerse parts in unheated steel tank or drum of 120F Cleaner.
10. May also be used in power washers.
Operating Conditions - Soak:
The most desirable method to operate Angler 120F Cleaner is with air agitation. An air agitated solution will remove the oils and buffing residue (especially impacted compound). Also an air agitation bath will maintain a homogeneous solution. A two phase solution, for some applications, may not clean as well. Therefore it is always advantageous to have a homogeneous solution or an invert emulsion.
Concentration: 5 to 50% (volume).
Temperature: room to 125°F (52°C).
Equipment: Mild steel tanks, heating coils and air line.
Power Wash Application: Angler 120F Cleaner is a low or non foaming product, thus it may be used in a pressure spray washer at concentrations from one to two parts per 100 parts of water at 130 ° - 140°F.

Safety Precautions: Do not allow an open flame to come into contact with the Angler 120F cleaner. Do not operate emulsion mixtures above 130°F in presence of open flames or any lighted material.
Warranty: This product is guaranteed as to quality upon shipment from our plant. If the use recommendations are followed, desired results will be obtained. Since the use of our products is beyond our control, no guarantee expressed or implied is made as to the effects of such use, or the results to be obtained.