AnglerIndustries ALTRABRITE ZB-15
Mild Alkaline Cleaner And Burnishing Compound

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ALTRABRITE ZB-15 is a light yellow liquid with a mild and pleasant odor. It is water soluble and mixes easily with water. This product was originally developed for high finishing zinc based die castings in bulk processing using steel shot and other media. It is an excellent lubricant and wetter in deburring operations with media in either a barrel or vibratory equipment. ALTRABRITE ZB-15 has also found application as a soak tank cleaner removing general shop oils and drawing compounds. It is an excellent pre-soak cleaner and will leave an invisible film, which has interim rust protection.

Operating Conditions:
Concentration: Vibratory: 1 pint to 3 gallons
Soak Cleaner: 4 oz/gallon
Temperature: Below 150°F zinc die castings
120°F - 200°F (soak)
Time: 3-10 minutes (soak)
Equipment: Mild steel

Waste Disposal: In order to be completely informed on the latest disposal regulations in your area, please contact your local authorities.