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Altrabrite C is a mildly alkaline, water soluble, liquid product developed for cleaning all metal (except magnesium) without affecting their luster. A special blend of detergents in the Altrabrite C will emulsify and disperse difficult soils such as lard oil, sulfurized and chlorinated oils, general shop oil and some identification inks present on aluminum alloys. Another feature of Altrabrite C is its ability, when used hot with agitation, to remove buffing compound such as rouge and tripoli, from aluminum brass, bronze and steel.
Note: Altrabrite C is an excellent pre-soak cleaner, however, it will not clean to a no water break surface. Thus Altrabrite C would find applications where a no water break surface is not required. In fact, the invisible film that is left and the surface of the metal does possess some limited corrosion preventative properties. This invisible film is immediately removed in an alkaline soak cleaner such as Cleaner: Angler HE-500.
Advantages of Altrabrite C:
• Fast dissolving-Dissolves in water at any temperature
• Safe to use-mildly alkaline-non flammable
• Fast acting cleaner-Parts are cleaned rapidly
• non-corrosive and non-fuming

Operating Conditions:
Concentration: 3 to 10% (vol)
Temperature: 150° - 200°F (65° - 93°C)
Time: 2 to 10 minutes
Equipment: Mild steel tank and heating coils
Agitation: Required for removal of buffing or polishing compounds
Ventilation: Suggested
Note: When cleaning zinc die castings, the operating temperature of Altrabrite C solution should not exceed 155F (68°C). Operating above this temperature will result in dulling or darkening of the zinc die casting.

Caution Even though Altrabrite C is a mildly alkaline product, wear protective clothing and goggles when handling the product. If exposed, flush thoroughly with clear, cold water. In case of injury, please contact a doctor.
Waste Disposal In order to be completely informed on the latest regulations, please contact your local authorities.