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DESCRIPTION: Precision machinery demands highly dependable and highly responsive oils for peak efficiency and complete protection. AccuVis Oils are specifically formulated to meet today's exacting requirements for the central reservoirs and hydraulic systems of this machinery. In the AccuVis line, carefully selected high viscosity index base stocks are fortified with both rust and oxidation inhibitors, and with an "anti-wear" agent to extend the life of Vickers and other vane-type pumps.
Hydraulic Oil Recommendations, Principal Pump Manufacturers:

Pump Manufacturer                       Equipment               Operating Conditions        Recommendation

American Brake Shoe Pumps,       Fluid Motor                                                           AccuVis 68
Denison Engineering Div               Control Valves

Brown & Sharp                              Gerotor Pumps          Normal Temperatures         AccuVis 32

Oilgear Company                          Fluid Power Pumps    Pump Inlet Temperature
                                                     Types C&D,60HP -              40 to 160 F               AccuVis 68
                                                     Types C&D,100HP +           50 to 140 F               AccuVis 100
                                                     All other letter Types           40 to 160 F               AccuVis 68

Racine Tool & Machine                  Radial Vane Variable
    Company                                   Displacement Pumps                                            AccuVis 46

Sperry-Rand Corp.                         Industrial Machinery    Ambient Tem. 50-90 F
Vickers Division                              Hydraulic Vane Pump     Up to 750 psi                 AccuVis 32
                                                                                            Above 750 psi                AccuVis 46
                                                     Hydraulic Piston Pump                                          AccuVis 46

Note: To prevent pump wear and related damage, the oil in any hydraulic system should be changed at least every 2,500 machine-hours. This is the average recommendation by pump manufacturers.