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AccuDraw 75 is a clear, light yellow, medium viscosity, high performance, synthetic water based drawing fluid. It mixes easily into water, forming true clear solutions. It is formulated with specially selected synthetic lubricity agents, and rust and corrosion inhibitors. It is an environmentally friendly compound that exhibits excellent lubricity and anti-wear performance, wetting and cooling properties. It also provides improved surface finishes, rust protection, longer die life, longer sump life, and prevents bacteria from growth and rancidity. AccuDraw 75 coolants reject tramp oil and is low Freon extractable.

AccuDraw 75 is a versatile product that can be used either straight or further diluted with water depending on the complexity of the operation. It is primarily recommended for heavy drawing and stamping of steel has successfully replaced heavily sulfo- chlorinated emulsions. AccuDraw 75 can be easily removed in alkaline washers.

• Excellent lubricity, anti-wear, and friction control
• Excellent rust protection
• Very good wetting and cooling properties
• Non- staining
• Longer die life
• Extended sump life
• Improved work piece finishes
• Easy removal
• Environmentally friendly

Appearance .......................clear, light yellow liquid
Odor ..................................mild chemical odor