AnglerIndustries AccuDraw 737
Transparent, High Viscosity, Chlorine, Fatty Stamping Oil

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Transparent, High Viscosity, Chlorine, Fatty Stamping Oil heavy gauge steel

AccuDraw 737 is a clear, brown product expressly designed with lowered surface tension to eliminate any pick-up of the work-piece by the die in high speed stamping operations. A high percentage of natural fats in the finished product, together with a carefully selected high viscosity petroleum base oil assures both extra lubricity and metal wetting and penetrating ability. It is also highly compounded with chlorine to supply the extreme pressure property to the oil film for effective protection of work and die against scoring and abrading. AccuDraw 737 will permit uniform, high speed production and long die life. It is non-staining and may be used in forming any metal.

AccuDraw 737 is generally applied by gravity feed to pad or wiper in contact with strip carbon steels. It is particularly adaptable to high speed stamping and blanking operations. The oil film left on formed parts may be removed by conventional vapor degreasing, cold degreasing or hot alkaline wash. If work piece annealing is required, the oil film retained on the part reduces smoking measurably.

Viscosity, SSU @100 °F        1500
Color, ASTM                          4
Chlorine, %wt.                       32