AnglerIndustries AccuDraw 675
Aluminum Drawing Lubricant

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aluminum drawing and stamping lubricant, copper brass and aluminum, non-staining

AccuDraw 675 is a high viscosity, petroleum based drawing lubricant especially formulated for drawing high purity aluminum. It provides a very high film strength, plus a chemical boundary agent, which act too provide a resilient film between the die and workpiece. AccuDraw 675 will not stain copper or aluminum, making it a versatile product to be used on a variety of metals.

AccuDraw 675 should be used as received for stamping and drawing applications. It may be applied to blanks or strip, brush or wiper pads. Parts cleaning is accomplished with vapor degreasing, petroleum or chlorinated solvent dip, or with a hot alkaline wash.

Appearance                             Bright & Clear Light Yellow Oil
Odor                                        Mild Petroleum Type
Density @ 60˚F, lbs/gal           7.31
Lubricity Agent, %                   20
Color, ASTM D1500, Max.      < 2.5
Viscosity @100˚F, sus            280 to 320
Sulfur, Inactive, ppm               4000
Phosphorous, ppm                 1900
Flash Point, COC, ˚F              495
Copper Strip Corrosion          1b