AnglerIndustries AccuDraw 5053
Heavy Duty Stamping and Drawing Fluid

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severe drawing pregressive eyelet press, steel stainless steel

AccuDraw 5053 is a clear, yellow colored oil of heavy medium viscosity. It contains stain suppressed chlorinated paraffins which provide the chemical extreme pressure barrier necessary for the flow of drawn metal over die surfaces without rupture of the lubricant film. This type of protection extends die life and promotes production of uniform work pieces with surfaces free of score marks.

AccuDraw 5053 should be used as received for stamping and drawing applications. It may be applied to blanks or strips by spray, brush or wiper pads. Parts cleaning is easily accomplished with vapor degreasing, petroleum or chlorinated solvent dip, or with a hot alkaline wash.

Density @ 60˚F, lbs/gal         9.21
Color, ASTM                          2
Viscosity @40˚C, cSt             55
Viscosity SUS @ 100˚F         266
Chlorine, % wt.                      31.8
Flash Point, ˚F                      330
Copper Strip Corrosion         1a