AnglerIndustries AccuDraw 1919
Emulsifiable, Chlorinated Drawing Oil

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water soluble chlorinated high viscosity drawing oil for severe forming of cold rolled steel

AccuDraw 1919 is a viscous, dark brown chlorinated drawing oil, which mixes easily into water, forming opaque, off-white emulsions. By design AccuDraw 1919 begins release of its chlorine to form a pressure resistant barrier as soon as contact is made between work piece and die. This barrier formed by chemically active chlorine is supplemented by a high concentration of emulsifier, which not only imparts extra lubricity, but also provides a desirable metal wetting property for uniformity of oil film coverage. AccuDraw 1919 is inhibited to prevent corrosion, and is buffered to keep pH high.

Mix one part of AccuDraw 1919 into 8-10 parts water to form aluminum, brass, cupro-nickel, cold rolled steel and nickel plated cold rolled steel in multi-stage eyelet presses. For transfer press forming of heavy steel stock, mix one part of AccuDraw 1919 into 1-3 parts water to preserve needed chemical activity. Flood application of AccuDraw 1919 emulsion is preferred, but emulsions also may be applied to strip or blanks by drip, roller, pad or spray. Parts are best cleaned by an immediate water wash or by an alkaline wash.

Appearance                       Dark, viscous oil
Color, ASTM                      7.0
Density , lbs/gal                 8.92
PH (9:1)                             9.0
Viscosity SUS @ 100˚F     2800
Chlorine, % wt.                  20
Emulsion Stability              Good
Flash Point, ˚F                  350