AccuDraw 1905
Aluminum Drawing Fluid

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high purity aluminum stamping and drawing sulfur chlorine free high viscosity oil fluid

AccuDraw 1905 is a very viscous drawing oil designed specifically for high purity aluminum. It is sulfur and chlorine free and has been compounded with superior lubricity agents for excellent metal working properties. AccuDraw 1905 may be used as received or cut back with a light oil or solvent. It produces high quality parts without galling or scratching and there is no need to buff the finished parts.

Appearance                             Hazy, bright, amber oil
Density, lbs/gal @ 60 °F        7.41 lbs./gal.
Viscosity, SSU @ 100 °F       1400
Flash Point, °F                         560 °F
Total Sulfur, % wt.                   0
Chlorine, % wt.                        0
Copper strip corrosion           1A
Odor                                          mineral oil