AnglerIndustries ACCUCUT WDR
Dark, Sulfur, Chlorine, Fatty Gun Drilling Oil

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ACCUCUT WDR is a dark red-brown cutting oil, extremely light in viscosity. It is highly compounded with mixed fats for extra lubricity, which helps establish the necessary fluid film between carbide wear pads (gun drill) and the work and helps reduce the heat generated by tool-to-chip friction. These fats also give superior metal wetting so essential for carrying the active chemicals of the oil to the point of tool contact. Both active sulfur and chlorine are abundantly present in ACCUCUT WDR as the chemical agents to prevent ship welding to the tool. The low viscosity of this cutting oil assures fluid penetration to the tool point, rapid heat transfer to cool the tool and the work and adequate flushing of chips. ACCUCUT WDR resists foaming under pressure so that cooling and flushing characteristics are constant.

ACCUCUT WDR has primary use as the cutting oil for deep trepanning, gun drilling and other deep hole drilling requiring pressurized systems. Because of its extraordinarily heavy compounding it has also been used successfully on tough automatic screw machine and turret lathe jobs.

  Gravity, API @ 60 °F            25.0
  Density, lbs/gal @ 60 °F       7.53
  Viscosity, SSU @ 100 °F      60
  Color, ASTM                        8 (opaque)
  Pour Point, °F                      25
  Flash Point                           310
  Saponification No.               30.4