AccuCut 59C
Aluminum Stamping and Drawing Oil

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aluminum stamping and drawing oil fluid sulfur free, chlorine free

AccuCut 59C is a medium viscosity, sulfur, chlorine-free drawing oil. The high fat content of this product provides excellent finishes. It is safe for use on all products especially where chlorine or sulfur cannot be tolerated.

Physical Properties:
Gravity, API @60 °F                     23.6
Density, lb/gal.                              7.597
Viscosity SUS 100 °F                    115
Color, ASTM                                 2-1/2
Flash Point °F                               360
Sulfur, Chlorine, %wt.                   Nil
Free Fatty Acids as Oleic, %wt.    Less than 5%
Saponification No.                        42