AnglerIndustries ACCUCUT 580 SERIES
Metal Drawing and Forming Lubricant

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cold rolled steel non staining non chlorinated sulfur free

ACCUCUT 580 oils contain the latest technologies in non-chlorinated extreme pressure fortified drawing lubricants.It is formulated with premium quality additives to provide excellent anti-weld and lubricating properties without the use of chlorine or active sulfur.The end result is a product capable of performing extremely difficult metal drawing applications previously reserved for chlorinated lubricants.When extreme pressure conditions arise in a drawing operation, ACCUCUT 580 oils provide a chemical barrier between the workpiece and the die.The strength of this barrier prevents abrasion of the workpiece and extends the life of the die.

ACCUCUT 580 oils are generally applied by flooding the workpiece.This product, however, may be applied to strips and blanks by dipping, rolling, and brushing.Workpieces are best cleaned with solvent degreasers or conventional alkaline cleaners.