AnglerIndustries AccuCut 570 M
Dark, Sulfur, Chlorine Cutting/Stamping Oil

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AccuCut 570M is a medium viscosity, red color clear cuttingand stamping fluid. It is heavily compounded with chlorine and inactive sulfur. Because of its unique additive package chemistry, AccuCut 570M exhibits superior extreme pressure, anti- wear and anti- weld properties, along with remarkable lubricity and heat dissipation characteristics. Thereby, AccuCut 570M promotes longer tool life, friction heat reduction, and improved surface finishes.

AccuCut 570M is an excellent general purpose heavy- duty cutting and stamping fluid recommended for all machining operations of ferrous as well non ferrous metals. AccuCut 570M can be easily applied by brush, spray or pads. Parts cleaning can be easily accomplished with solvent, vapor degreasing, or alkaline wash.

• Extended tool life
• Exceptional extreme pressure, anti- wear, anti- weld, and lubricity characteristics
• Very good wetting and cooling properties
• Non- Staining
• Improved work piece finishes

Appearance                                   red dyed clear fluid
Density, lbs/gal @ 60 F               7.84
Viscosity, SUS @ 100 F              129
Chlorine content, wt%                 14.4
Sulfur content, wt% (inactive)     0.6
Fat content, wt%                           0
Flash Point, F                                410
Fire Flash, F                                  420