AnglerIndustries AccuCut 5054
Medium Viscosity Multi-purpose Cutting Oil

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AccuCut 5054 is a medium viscosity, clear bright amber cutting and lube oil. Due to the fact that it is compounded with inactive sulfur it is safe to use on all metals.
AccuCut 5054 is an excellent all purpose cutting oil but can also be used to lubricate head stocks and as a hydraulic oil. By using the product as a dual-purpose or tri-purpose oil, any leakage into the cutting oil sump will not deplete the additives in the oil.

Appearance                     clear, amber oil
Color,                               ASTM 1.5
Viscosity @ 100`F           147 SUS
Fat, %                              9.0
Chlorine, %                      1.0
Sulfur, %                          1.0
Copper Strip Corrosion    1B
Flash Point (C. O. C.)      320˚F
Density                             7.44 lbs./gal.