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AccuCut 4984 DK is a non-transparent, black-red, heavy duty cutting oil designed for excellent performance over a wide range of both metals and cutting operations. Active sulfur and chlorine compounding couple synergistically in this product to provide extraordinarily high anti-weld and extreme pressure properties. These, in combination with specialized fatty compounds, impart the properties required for cooler workpieces, better surface finishes, longer tool life, control of smoke/fog and higher production rates.

AccuCut 4984 DK sees regular use as the general purpose cutting oil for many job shops because of its ability to handle a broad spectrum of steels in single and multiple function screw machines, chuckers and turret lathes. In production turning, drilling, reaming, tapping, threading, gear cutting, shaping and abrasive belt grinding of tough, stringy carbon steels, stainless steels and other nickel and chromium alloyed steels. AccuCut 4984 DK has an enviable service record.

  Appearance                        Dark, Opaque
  Density, lbs/gal.                  7.633
  Viscosity @ 100`F              180 SUS
  Color, ASTM                       8+
  Pour Point, F                      0
  Flash Point (C. O. C.)         330˚F
  Chlorine, %                         0.5
  Fat, %                                 6.0
  Copper Strip Corrosion       4C