AnglerIndustries ACCUCUT 471 B-OX
Sulfur, Chlorine, Fatty Cutting Oil

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AccuCut 471B-OX is a medium viscosity, yellow colored clear cutting fluid. It is heavily compounded with chlorine, inactive sulfur and fats. Because of its unique additive package chemistry, AccuCut 471B-OX exhibits superior extreme pressure, anti- wear and anti- weld properties, along with remarkable lubricity and heat dissipation characteristics. Thereby, AccuCut 471B-OX promotes longer tool life, friction heat reduction, and improved surface finishes.

AccuCut 471B-OX is an excellent general purpose heavy- duty cutting fluid recommended for all machining operations of ferrous as well non ferrous metals. AccuCut 471B-OX can be easily applied by brush, spray or pads. Parts cleaning can be easily accomplished with solvent, vapor degreasing, or alkaline wash.

• Extended tool life • Exceptional extreme pressure, anti- wear, anti- weld, and lubricity characteristics • Very good wetting and cooling properties • Non- Staining • Improved work piece finishes

Appearance           yellow, clear fluid
Density, lbs/gal @ 60˚ F     8.00
Viscosity, SUS @ 100˚ F     152
Chlorine content, wt%       14.4
Sulfur content, wt% (inactive)     0.8
Fat content, wt%           3
Flash Point, F           410˚
Fire Flash, F           420˚