AnglerIndustries AccuCut 134
Dark, Sulfur, Chlorine, Fatty Cutting Oil

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AccuCut 134 is a dark brown -red heavily-compounded cutting oil designed to handle the most severe machining jobs. It has a higher than normal viscosity to give greater than normal film adherence and film strength. Metal wetting ability and extra lubricity is gained by the use of chemically combined synthesized fats. Mixed sulfur compounds and chlorinated paraffins enhance chip-to-tool lubricity and provide AccuCut 134 with strong anti-weld characteristics. This is the exceptional oil for tough jobs. Satisfactory work-piece surface finishes and extended tool life are to be expected.

AccuCut 134 is used in drilling and tapping stainless, heat resistant and other nickel-chrome alloyed steels. It is a preferred recommendation for heavy gear cutting, horizontal broaching and crush-truing of contour-form grinding wheels.

Gravity, API @ 60 F          19.8
Density, lbs/gal @ 60 F     7.79
Viscosity, SSU @ 100 F    149
Color, ASTM                      8
Flash Point, F                    350
Pour Point, F                     10
Total Sulfur, % wt.             3.2
Chlorine, % wt.                  12.0
Saponification No.             10.0