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Regular Water Soluble Oil

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AccuCool WS-6 is a clear, light brown colored oil, which mixes easily into cold water to form stable, milk-white emulsions. This exceptional emulsion stability is characteristic of AccuCool WS-6 even when mixed into hard water or when heavily diluted with water to form very "lean" emulsion concentrations. Emulsions of AccuCool WS-6 provide excellent metal wetting properties to speed the removal of heat from work piece and tool. This provides the cooling necessary to insure good work piece surface finishes and extended tool life so essential for peak production. The combination of the emulsifier and the petroleum oil constituent in the emulsion gives excellent interim rust protection for work piece machined surfaces. Because of the firmness of its emulsions and its freedom from added sulfur, chlorine and fatty oils, AccuCool WS-6 has inherent resistance to rancidity. It has a sweet smell and is non-toxic to the skin. Workmen like it for its cleanliness.

AccuCool WS-6 sees general use as the coolant for free-machining steels and non- ferrous metals in such operations as boring, drilling, milling, sawing and turning. It is also a grinding coolant.
Recommended Dilution Ratios
General Machining: Mix 1 part oil into 15-20 parts water
General Grinding: Mix 1 part oil into 40-60 parts water
Caution: Always stir water while adding AccuCool WS-6

Gravity, API @ 60 °F                         21.0
Density, lbs/gal @ 60 °F                    7.727
Viscosity, SSU @ 100 °F (neat oil)    225
Pour Point, °F                                   -20
Color ASTM                                       3-1/2
Sulfur, Chlorine, % wt.                       Nil
Water, % wt.                                      Nil