AnglerIndustries AccuCool 1975G
Synthetic Grinding Coolant

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AccuCool 1975G is a clear green synthetic fluid which forms a clear, permanent solution when mixed with water. This product is a concentrated solution of organic chemical lubricity agents designed expressly for grinding. As a grinding coolant it has the important ability to settle metal fines rapidly so that these fines are not recirculated to score the work. Its use extends the life of grinding wheels by keeping them clean, free of loading. Despite AccuCool 1975G strong natural resistance to rusting, it has additionally been buffered to a high pH value as a supporting safeguard. This high pH value serves also as a deterrent to bacteria growth so that dilution's of AccuCool 1975G do not become rancid.

AccuCool 1975G is recommended for all classes of ferrous metal grinding. It has been used satisfactorily in reciprocating table and vertical spindle surface grinding, internal grinding, roll and belt grinding, and it is a fine coolant for abrasive cut-off. AccuCool 1975G typically is diluted with 50 to 70 parts of water for grinding applications. It should be used on ferrous alloys only.

Nature                                      Synthetic Fluid
Odor                                         None
Density, vary/gal @ 60 °F        8.61
Sulfur Content                          Nil
Chlorine Content                      Nil
pH Value, 9% Concentration    9.2
Color Clear                              Green
Flash Point                              None