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AccuCool 1360, 1365 & 1370

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water soluble drawing fluid, cold rolled steel, corrosion rust protection, viscosity range 900 to 3700 SUS DESCRIPTION
AccuCool 1360 is a clear, dark amber, high performance, water soluble drawing fluid. It mixes easily into water, forming a translucent solution. It is formulated with specially selected lubricity agents, rust and corrosion inhibitors. AccuCool 1360 contains no chlorine. It exhibits very good lubricity and anti- wear performance, wetting and cooling properties. It also provides improved surface finishes, rust protection, longer die life. It does not contribute to cobalt leaching.

AccuCool 1360 is a very versatile product that can be used at concentrations of 7% to 15% depending on the complexity of the operation. It is primarily recommended for heavy drawing and stamping of nickel-plated steel to form battery cans where, used at a concentration of 7% in water, it has successfully replaced heavily sulfo- chlorinated emulsions. It can also be used on cold rolled steel products leaving residual corrosion protection AccuCool 1360 can be easily removed in alkaline washers.

• Excellent lubricity, anti- wear, and friction control
• Excellent rust protection
• Very good wetting and cooling properties
• Non-staining
• Longer die life
• Improved work piece finishes
• Chlorine free
• Easy removal

Density @ 60˚F, lbs/gal                7.8
Appearance                                   Dark amber clear liquid
Odor                                                Mild chemical odor
Solution 7:1 with water                Translucent
PH 7:1 with water                          9.4
Chlorine content, % wt                 nil