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stable emulsion, chlorine free, sulfur free, coolant, for machining brass and carbon steel

AccuCool 1235 is a clear, light-brown colored oil designed to emulsify when mixed into water. It mixes readily, even in very hard water, and forms exceptionally stable, milk white emulsions. Because of this emulsion stability, it will tolerate much higher dilution ratios than conventional soluble oil. AccuCool 1235 is especially formulated without sulfur or chlorine, yet it performs well or better than other heavy duty solubles. There are benefits to its being sulfur and chlorine-free. For example, it may be used on any metal without fear of staining. Its sump life, too, is much longer than sulfurized soluble oils. It is strongly resistant to bacteria growth. AccuCool 1235 has high operator acceptance because it has no odor, exhibits no tendency to irritate the skin and lasts longer without rancidity. AccuCool 1235 has special metal-wetting abilities, which permit faster than normal heat transfer. This higher cooling rate and the extra lubricity, which AccuCool 1235 imparts to the emulsion contributes to superior finishes and good tool life. Emulsions of AccuCool 1235 provide fine rust protection for both machines and machined parts. It is foam resistant. AccuCool 1235 has established an enviable record in industry. It is an outstanding coolant.

AccuCool 1235, as a heavy duty soluble oil, will perform satisfactorily in all but the most severe machining operations. It is highly recommended for machining all carbon steels, stainless and high nickel steels as well as the non-ferrous grouping of copper and brass alloys and aluminum. In addition to all types of machining operations it has seen successful use is light gauge stamping.

Recommended Dilution Ratios
Broaching, Gear Hobbing Tapping, Thread Rolling:
                                     1 Part AccuCool 1235 to 10-15 parts water
Boring, Drilling, Milling Threading, Turning:
                                     1 Part AccuCool 1235 to 20-30 parts water
                                     1 Part AccuCool 1235 to 60-80 parts water
Light Gauge Stamping:
                                     1 Part AccuCool 1235 to 3-5 parts water