AccuCool 100
Multi-Purpose Heavy Duty Water Soluble Coolant

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AccuCool 100 is a dark blue concentrate, which forms translucent pastel blue micro- emulsions when mixed into water. These emulsions have a pleasant odor, an odor which they deep over the unusually long service life of the coolant in machine sumps. Even seldom- used machines have no offensive odor on start up. Machine down time for fluid changes is practically eliminated.
AccuCool 100 will perform heavy- duty cutting operations. It‘s also an excellent grinding coolant. In grinding, it settles fines rapidly and keeps wheels clean. In cutting, superior finishes and excellent tool life are experienced even with high surface speeds and rugged feeds. Emulsions of AccuCool 100 will not stain either ferrous and non-ferrous metals. These emulsions provide good interim rust protection. Operator acceptance is high because AccuCool 100 does not irritate the skin. Operators observe that it is non-foaming and that it does not attack paints. The residue left on machines is non-gumming and does not interfere with machine operations


AccuCool 100 may be adapted to both ferrous and non-ferrous metals for all machining applications. Suggested mixes by machining applications:

Broaching, Gear Hobbing, Hack and Circular Sawing, Tapping, Thread Rolling
• 1 Part AccuCool 100 to 10-20 parts water

Boring, Drilling, Milling, Reaming Threading, Turning
• 1 Part AccuCool 100 to 20-30 parts water

Surface Grinding
• 1 Part AccuCool 100 to 60-80 parts water

Centerless Cylindrical and Internal Grinding, Abrasive Cut-Off
• 1 Part AccuCool 100 to 4-60 parts water

Roll Forming Light Gauge Stamping
• 1 Part AccuCool 100 to 5-10 parts water